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A Journey
Through Time
(a short history of MOGCHS)

      Misamis Oriental High School, now the Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School was founded through initiative of the late Don Apolinar Velez Y. Ramos, the first elected Governor of Misamis Province. It was formally inaugurated on December 15, 1909. The ceremony was attended by an impressive array of national officials headed by the American Governor-General William Cameron Forbes and speaker Sergio Osmena Sr. During his time, classes were only open for intermidiate grades, Grade 5, Grade 6, and first year high school. So students had to do either to Manila or Cebu to pursue their studies. The second, third, and fourth year were added as funds became available. Ezperanza, Roa-Ongpin and Juanita Fernandez-Neri were the first Filipino teachers in the intermediate grades. The school had its first graduationin 1922.

      On June 19, 1965, RA 4247 enacted by the fifth Congress ofthe Republic of the Philippines was approved and Misamis
Oriental General High School was converted into national high school, known presently as Misamis Oriental General
Comprehensive High School(MOGCHS).

      MOGCHS is located in the heart of the City Cagayan de Oro, a areatotal of 7.3629 hectares. Present assessment of such areaarea indicates the land area to extend from the north side of MOGCHS, which is the Pelaez Sports Center, to the area Provincial Capitol area which form part of the provincial Government.

      The Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School is a public school which provides the students with the education and development of skills to prepare them for college and become better citizens of the the country.Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School (MOGCHS) is a big school.It is located at the "City of the GoldenFriendship", Cagayan de Oro City.It has more or less 9,000 students. Students in this school are intelligent and humble.MOGCHS is an old school it is clean and peaceful. Students in this school are well deciplined. This school is governedpresently by a polite
principal, Mr. Pedro H. Montejo.

      On the north and northeast side of the building where the Pelaez Sports Center now proudly stands where the vegetable
gardens which were owned by several families- the Abrios, Caballeros, Corrales, Dalmans, Damiles, Galans, Mabulays,
Pacaliogas, Ralutos, Salusos, Raypons, Saarenas, Tabiques, Velez and Yabuts. They sold their lots for a very low price as
their contribution to the project to Ex-Judge Nicolas Capistrano who did not hesitate to exchange the whole area with a less
valuable lot in Agusan, Misamis Oriental.

      The school was formally inaugurated on December 15, 1909 with the impressive array of national officials attending the
ceremonies. The prominent guests included the American Governor-General William Cameron Forbes, Speaker Sergio
Osmena Sr, Hon. Manuel L. Quezon of Tayabas, Hon. Jose Clarin of Bohol, Hon. Manuel Tinio of Nueva Ecija, Hon.
Dionesio Jacosalem of Cebu and Tomas Earshaw of Manila.

      Classes were opened for the intermediate grades and for first year high school. The second, third and fourth year classes were added as soon as funds becomes available. The First Filipino teachers in the intermediate grades were Esperanza RoaOngpin and Juanita Fenandez -Neri. The School had its first graduation in 1922 with Pilar Gaerlan, Laureana Rabe-Canoy, Milagros Roa Solidium. Messrs Francisco Abejay, Sotero Bacas, Roque Chavez, Ernesto Fernandez, Daniel Gallarita, Clemente Galindo, Pedro Pimentel, Federico Roa and Juan Uriarte as the fist graduates. The early high school course included the intermediate grades but in 1932, due to an increase in enrolment and lack of school building, the intermediate students were separated from the high school administration.

      American educators charted its course during the years of American colonization but later on they turned over this
responsibility to the Filipinos. These were the Principals who provided leadership and guidance by their administration.


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